QQQ- Quick, Quips, & Quizzes – Online Contest Conducted By Campuzone


In order to stimulate students co-educational activities, personality development, healthy competitive spirit, general knowledge, science and technology, we conducted an online quiz competition “QQQ- Quick, Quips, & Quizzes “ through our Campuzone, a website specially launched for school.

The competition was held from 15th April 2023 to 23rd April 2023.

Students from various schools participated enthusiastically and showcased their talents.

The determination shown by all the students to bring out their passion and competitive spirit was heartening, with simple registration and internal entry process.

Participation certificates were provided for all the participants. Special prizes were given to encourage the successful students.

  1. S. Eniya Sri (6th std from Boiler plant girls higher secondary school)
  2. S. Hanshikaa (7th std from Cauvery Global School)
  3. A. Teena (8th std from Immaculate Heart of Mary Girls Higher Secondary School)
  4. N.G. ​​Prithika (9th std from Cauvery Global School)
  5. S. Mousika (10th std from Boiler plant girls higher secondary school)
  6. S. Harini (11th std from Servite Higher Secondary School

We all convey our heartiest wishes to these students through our Campuzone website page.

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